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Welcome to Project Excel Academy!



At this time Oversight will be conducted online



Project Excel Academy (PXL Academy) is an organization that offers homeschool oversight, strengths, character focus and academic strategies to students of various academic levels. We custom build unique, fun, hands-on educational environments to equip parents to develop plans for homeschooled students..


Our mission is to assist parents  by providing environments for academic mastery, strengths exploration and most importantly, to  build Godly character.


We actively partner with parents to honor the individuality of each student. All these services are developed in an environment that prepares students for college and career choices that fit who they are becoming.




Mentorship is an organic and integral part of our program by team building & strengths activities. Our staff develops relationships with parents & students that allows the student to grow academically. In this environment students are able to experience a safe place of support and encouragement.



Our core values are an important component for how we maintain an environment that encourages family.


Value - We acknowledge that everyone has great potential and worth and should be treated in a manner that helps them move toward their highest purpose.

Integrity - We serve with honesty, truth and character and we expect and encourage this quality in others. 

Aspire – We realize that there is always room for improvement. We continually challenge ourselves and our families to grow. Excellence is the standard we reach for in all that we do. 

Our foundation verse is “...I have come that they might have life and that more abundantly.”  John 10:10


Benefits of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is not for every student, but it is an amazing opportunity for those who would benefit from an individualized, small, hands on learning environment.


We have witnessed major transformation in a very short period for students who where challenged academically as they were able to focus on their strengths and fill in the academic gaps they didn't realize were there.


Some students who were not interested in college began to pursue college options as their academic confidence increased because of individualized assistance and encouragement.


Students who were entrepreneurs were able to soar once they realized their true potential and gifts and students who were already strong academically were able to acquire the freedom to continue to flourish and grow.


All of these accomplishments occurred with the partnership of parents, students and our program.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

All students learn in different ways.  Some are visual or auditory learners, others learn well by doing.  We take the approach that all subjects should be learned using as many different approaches as possible.  At PXL we appreciate the uniqueness of each individual student and strive to assist them in finding the beauty and value they each possess within.  An important part of our program is to assist students to take personal responsibility for their own learning journey and  ultimately their future.


Services We Provide

  • Oversight for K-12, Portfolio reviews,  transcripts.

  • Referral of weekly classes, group activities.

  • Referral of placement & standardized testing.

  • Guidance counseling, high school transcripts and diplomas

  • Student workshops

  • Parenting workshops and fellowships.

  • Summer tutoring referrals


Additional Services:

- Strengths and talents assessment to develop a student’s understanding of their strengths so they can find direction toward gifting & career and college opportunities.

- Educational diagnostic testing to assess the academic level of each student to prepare an individualized learning plan.

APPLICATION & Payment link are at the bottom of this page.


For general information on how to homeschool, please check out the link below for Home School Legal Defense Association. They provide comprehensive homeschool resources and believe in supporting homeschoolers.

HSLDA's site is full of tools to assist and inform you on your homeschool journey.

Consider becoming a member. It will benefit your family greatly.

Here is the link:

In The News
What Is Homeschooling?
In the state of Maryland homeschooling is an opportunity for parents to take greater responsibility for their child's education. Parents are to ensure that students are receiving regular, consistent instruction. This does not mean that they have to teach every subject, but that they are responsible for making sure it is accomplished.
Project Excel Academy is the liaison between parents and the Maryland State Board of Education. Be sure to fill out your Notification form because you are not officially registered as a homeschool family in Prince George's County MD until this is completed. Enroll in our oversight program before you complete this form because you will be asked for the name of the program in which you have enrolled as a part of the registration process. Prince George's County link is below:
 Homeschool Notification Form
(If you live in another county contact their homeschool office for that county's form)
Project Excel provides each student with 3 reviews through out the school year to ensure that students are receiving regular, consistent, quality instruction at the correct level for their grade and that they are on course to be promoted to the next grade.


We are approved by the Maryland State Board of Education


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