for 2022-2023!!

September 7, 2022 - May 19, 2023

This coming school year we are partnering with SHABACH Christian Academy  Homeschool to offer INDIVIDUAL & GROUP ONLINE TUTORING SESSIONS & ONSITE HIGH SCHOOL CLASSES. Click on the site button to learn more. Then Click on Application Process Tab to view the enrollment process.

Click this LINK:

Call us if you would like more information or have questions: 301-485-9634.


Disclaimer: Students will not have time to complete all of their assignments on site or on line. Assignments will need to be completed with parents supervision. Homeschool parents are responsible for the overall education of their child. Our program is here for support of the parent as they educate their child. Expect to spend additional hours each week helping your child one on one.

Call if you would like a coach to help you navigate the homeschool process. Your program will be even better if you partner with others who have already experienced where you are going. Call me, Anita Gibson, at 301.485.9634. Your 1st consultation is FREE.


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