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Cost: $350
Students (3rd-6th & 7th-UP)


Required Materials: Noise canceling reusable ear plugs and music book.


Course Overview:

Piano Fundamentals features 2 sections - one for students ages 8- 12 and the other for students age 13 & up. Students enrolled in this course will experience weekly group classes of 30 minutes of basic piano theory which includes musical note and symbol recognitions, proper hand positions on keys, names of the keys, and learning simple melodies, followed by 30 minutes of piano instruction. Students will participate in a recital that will allow them to showcase what they have learned. Keyboards will be provided for student use, but enrolled students will need at-home access to a keyboard for a minimum of three times a week. Students will also receive homework to practice and expand on the weeks concept.

Required Curriculum: Section 1 (ages 8-12): Alfred's Basic All-in-One Course Book
Required Curriculum: Section 2 (ages 13 & Up): Progressive Beginner Piano
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