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Welcome to "ELECTIVITY!"
Courses are being offered  Sep 9th-Apr 29th. Our program is an opportunity to engage in FUN, creative, hands on learning. Let the fun begin!
Curriculum should be purchased in advance so your Elementary (3rd-6th) & Middle School (7th-8th) or High School (9th-11th) students are prepared for the 1st class. Links to curriculum are with the classes below. High school credit is available.
Each course syllabus will be available.
Locate Application Link on the right.

Each week, we will offer interactive courses, including Videography, Photography, Art, Cooking, Piano Keyboard, Spanish, Computer Skills, and our Science Experiments Club!


Our course instructors are passionate practitioners, who enjoy engaging students in learning. Some tutors have degrees, but all are experts in their given area. Our tutors and instructors have also received background checks.

1. Art Basics
Cost: $350
Students (3rd-6th & 7th- UP)

Required Materials : course textbook, sketch book, color pencils, pencil pouch, graphite pencils, charcoal, oil pastels, tempera paints, water colors, chalk pastel, and art portfolio (created during the course).

Required Curriculum: Art Basics for Children

Course Overview:

AE: Foundations of Art is for students ages 12 & up. Students enrolled in this course will experience weekly group classes that feature topics including the color wheel, shapes, lines, textures, perspectives, balance, principles of art, and more. Students will engage in weekly art activities and learn information that allows them to practice artistic techniques. Students will also receive homework to practice and expand on the weeks

Required Curriculum: Art Basics for Children
Required Curriculum: Art Basics for Children
4. Life Skills
Cost: $350
Students (7th-UP). This course includes exploring strategies from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teen and will also give students insight into their strengths to help them discover future career possibilities.  Students will learn how to zero in on their favorite skills and apply that knowledge to get the most out of their school & learning goals. Also, students will learn personal finances, including how to manage their money, saving, understanding financial terminology & how to purchase stocks.
Elementary Academics


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