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Oversight Fees

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(School yr - 9 mo. payment)
Application Fee: $75
Oversight Fee: $300/ 3 reviews plus
M,W,F 9-2, $360 p/mo (Total=$3,375)
M,W 9-2, $250 p/mo (Total=$2,340)
M,W 9-12 $150 p/mo (Total=$1,440)
Middle/High School
Mon & Wed Class: - 2 hr (Math)
$375 p/class for the year
add $42 p/mo to total Study Sess.
PXL Application Fee - $75
The pricing box is left blank so that you are able to fill in the total cost of your purchase.
Fill in the appropriate amount and click "Purchase Now."
Please print the application, fill it out, scan it and email it to or feel free to bring it to our site. Please call 301.485.9634 to let us know you plan to bring in your application.
All applications should be turned in with the fee.
Thank you for allowing us to serve you and your student.



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