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Our staff members are chosen because of their passion, creativity, discipline & ability to connect with students. They also are great at developing effective academic strategies. It is our goal to encourage each student to become an independent learner as we partner with parents to prepare then for college and career. Our staff have college degrees in various areas of expertise and years of experience teaching and training youth. Staff members have completed background checks. Each staff person also is a Christian who strives to live an authentic Christ life personally and before our students.




Ebony Crews Amara/Math, P.E., Etiquette Tutor

Ebony Crews Amara is a tutor and mentor who has educated youth for over 10 years.  She specializes in tutoring elementary to college-level math and she also has avidity for the creative arts.  In her work as a Homeschool Tutor, she strives to nurture, instruct, encourage and positively influence.  Ebony contributes her passion for excellence, optimistic outlook, educational background and administrative wisdom to the Project Excel Academy program. 

Dannielle Gibson/Science Tutor. Dannielle loves all things science. She has a way of grabbing a student's attention and helping them discover a love of science with hands on projects, group activity, technology integration and more. Dannielle has a degree in elementary education and has taught middle school students for over 5 years. She also has over 10 years of experience with tutoring.

Toni Johnson/Math Tutor is a mother of three young women. She is a veteran homeschool mom with a passion for math and comes to us with many years of accounting experience. Her organizational skill and passion for teaching youth are great assets to our program. Toni also is the contact once you have been accepted into Project Excel Academy.


Denise Rorie/ Cooking Tutor: Denise has been a tutor in the homeschool community for over 20 years. She has experience in Home Economics and especially loves teaching how to cook simple, healthy, inexpensive meals. Denise loves teaching hands on topics and enjoys seeing the students master the concepts she shares.

Pat Welch/Art Tutor. Pat has been interested in Artistic expressions for most of her life. She enjoys connecting with students and helping them to use various media to explore aspects of beginning art. She is new to tutoring Art but  has years of experience in teaching in the areas of music and voice and will take this expertise into her class.



Anita Gibson, Co-Founder & President

Anita Gibson is the co-founder and CEO of Project Excel Academy (PXL Academy) She is a visionary leader, a master team builder and an effective & intuitive educational strategist. She uses her gifts in the area of visioning to create, develop and implement programs, projects and training vehicles for youth & women.

Anita and her husband Glen had the privilege of homeschooling (for 21 years) their 3 children from K-12th grade. Their children received various scholarships & degrees (Bachelor's, Master's) from American University, Bowie State & Prince George's Community College. Their oldest child, Lauren, is currently a tenured diplomat who is fluent in French & Vietnamese, she also produces an on line travel show. Their youngest daughter, Dannielle, is employed as a middle school science & math teacher in the public school system, where she motivates students to get excited about learning using amazing creative projects and by teaching through integration of technology and science. She also teaches Chemistry, Biology & Physical Science to homeschool students. Their son, Richard is married to the lovely Allison and teaches photography in a public schoool. He is also an entrepreneur and offers computer programming, photography and videography. Richard also owns a sought after photography/videography business. Glen & Anita's children are one of the proofs that they are qualified to assist other parents on this homeschool journey.

Anita has dedicated herself for almost 20 years to partnering with parents & organizations to develop, motivate and prepare students from K-12th grade to move successfully into their future.  She has had the privilege of positively impacting many students who struggled academically, or were beyond grade level, students who just needed a smaller, individualized environment and/or a more hands on approach to learning. Anita was able to oversee many students who were having difficulty in more traditional education environments.  Once they entered into various academic programs  like Project Excel, the students began to flourish, improved their academics, their perspectives and hopes for the future."Once you learn HOW to learn, you can learn ANYTHING." Many student's attitudes about education changed dramatically once they realized that they could accomplish the school work when given the right tools and environment that worked more effectively with their learning style.  In fact, many students found their strengths, passions and abilities and where able to explore how these gifts could be expressed and developed as they chose college majors and careers. 

She believes, "Everyone is gifted and everyone has strengths,"  they just have to be discovered.  She currently conducts a workshop for youth called StarFinder - "Help your young person WIN academically." This workshop explores the uniqueness of each individual student and provides them with resources to begin or continue the journey toward passion and purpose.

Anita is also an phenomenal educational strategist. She provides consulting options for organizations who desire to develop their own unique educational programs, ministries and opportunities to make a difference in our world.  Anita's message is one of hope and possibilities.  Parents don't have to feel hopeless, wondering what to do when traditional learning environments are not effective for their student, because PXL Academy and other programs like it are offering the bridge parents have been looking for to carry their children to their potential.

Meet Our Tutors

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